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Monty and Milo

Our bugs love to see Mia, especially as she is always willing to give lots of hugs before and after walking them. We feel very confident letting Mia have a key to our home to collect them and we are very happy with the service she provides and find her value for money.

John and Emma from Daventry


We first used Mia's services due to helath issues as we were both unable to walk for several months. It was a great comfort to know that Finn was being cared for in a controlled way. Mia has taken him to a clean river spot so he could do the things he loves to do, he eagerly sits by the door waiting for her when we tell him she is on her way, Finn even received a doggy cupcakes on his 10th birthday from her.

Mike and Jules from Welton

Jenson and Meeko

Mia came to help out with our boys when we couldn't get back for lunch. She was excellent with them, insisiting on meeting them in our home beforehand so they knew who she was when she came into our home. She even watered the gardern while she was here!! The boys loved her and we will absolutely be using her again.

Simon and Jodie from Daventry

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