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More about me


My name is Mia

I am a certified dog trainer offering 1:1 dog training sessions and dog walking services.

I think it is important to know a little about the person you are going to trust your family pet with; this is a little about me and my journey …  so far …  and my passion I have for enriching dogs’ lives.

All my life I have been bought up around dogs, while living at home with my parents we recued dogs of all breeds from Jack Russels, Whippets and Irish Red Setters to Lurchers, Grey Hounds and Great Danes, so my passion for working with dogs started at a very early age.

As a child I entered many of our dogs into local dog shows and I also did agility shows with many of them and I loved it. We did look a spectacle turning up at events with such random breeds you would never think of housing together.

Life took hold and I was unable to work with dogs as there was no time to train in any kind of a career with them. I have kept my hand in though volunteering at the local rescue centres helping walk various breeds over the years, always offering to walk or look after friends’ dogs when needed.

Later I decided that Spaniels, one Field and one Springer, would be a good breed for my kids to be brought up around, anyone who knows Spaniels will tell you they are mad and I managed to pick two of the maddest out there, they lived to the ripe old ages of 14 and 19 years old, the dogs not the kids they are still with us!!!

After spending many years working with dogs who may not have walked on a lead before, many have had to be muzzled for the first time or just need to learn to trust someone again, and never having had a qualification I finally took the plunge and trained to be a professional dog trainer, which I am going to combine with dog walking.

I currently working part time with my partner running an engineering company but I am now very excited about the next stage of my life where I will be able to fulfil my passion working with dogs to train and walk them.

I am very much looking forward to building my business and watching it grow and I look forward to taking you along with me on this journey.



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