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Get to Know Me

I am a Dog Training College certified dog trainer completing over 270 hours of training gaining many certificates including Certified Dog Training (DTC-CDT), Dog Law, Dog Senses, Enrichment, Loose Lead Walking and First Aid for Dogs.

My ethos is to be a fun, kind and ethical trainer encouraging positive enforcement using treats and praise as rewards to gain the required behaviour, promoting balanced emotions and enriched training.

I believe, as the trainer, it is my role to help you train your dog; to set them up for success by providing bespoke training sessions for each and every dog.

I have in the last 3 years become the owner of a Labrador and a Springer Spaniel both bought home at 8 weeks old. Puppy training is one of the things that I love to do the most, I believe that setting your puppy up for success using management and training skills benefits not only your puppy but you too. Even though it can be very time consuming in the first few years setting up for success will reap rewards for the life time of your dog. 

I am fully insured with public liability, professional indemnity and also my car is insured for transporting clients dogs while engaging in my walking service.

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